Archimage Architects, Ltd. is proud to join over 100 architecture firms across the nation and abroad in the support of Architects Advocate, a public outreach initiative working to mitigate global climate change.

Archimage was founded to design healthy and enriching buildings and communities that are energy and resource efficient while working with natural environmental systems.  They developed a USPTO patented heat transfer system that works in real time with local climatic conditions for space conditioning while being off the energy grid and without burning fossil fuels.  Their work demonstrates that beautiful and functional design can be energy and resource efficient while being cost effective to build and operate.

With 40% of the total US energy use, 40% of US CO2 emissions and 72% of the total US electrical consumption the result of buildings, architects and engineers hold a critical role in minimizing the built environment’s impact on the natural environment.  Energy efficiency increases shareholder equity while reducing operating expenses.  Building responsibly benefits everyone.

Archimage urges support for Architects Advocates as the initiative not only helps to mitigate global climate change, it works to ensure healthy and enriching buildings and communities for all.

Please click on the banner above to find out more information.  We urge all to join our cause to promote science based research and support common sense regulations that benefit all.

Thank you!