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Boatyard Bagel Company


Boatyard Bagel Company in Lake Geneva, WI includes a bagel shop and a bakery.  The architects worked with the owner and bagel consultant to create a functional and aesthetically dynamic baking and restaurant experience.


  • Ceilings accentuated by sails, oars and propellers defining differing restaurant zones
  • Backlit sails provide even and dynamic lighting in the dining area
  • Countertop heights and materials highlight the service counter progression
  • Service counter with wood planks and ribs reflect wood boat structures
  • Sneeze guard in the sandwich prep area designed like boat windshields
  • Nautical light fixtures
  • Special Inteligensia Coffee work station
  • Archimage designed all aspects of the project including cabinetry and equipment layout for the restaurant and bakery.
  • Archimage assisted in the procurement of interior furnishings and equipment
  • 3D Bim modeling for equipment inventory tracking and 3D visualization

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